Friday, September 25, 2015

Captivated...Featuring Patrick

Featuring Patrick
 Photography By Demetrius Markee

Being in the presence of a strong man who is able to articulately voice his dreams and aspirations as well as his views on life can captivate and change the way one may view that man, but to be in the presence of a man strong enough to take action and set those dreams in motion to make them a reality can change the way in which one views men entirely!

It's no longer desirable to just be a pretty face in the crowd or to simply hear a man speak on what it is they seek in life. Today the fire inside just isn't lit by looks alone nor does the passion flow for someone who makes you believe they know what it is they want out of life. Desire stems from laying eyes on a man who stands firm in who he is, knows what he wants in life and who actually is achieving it. A real man captivates you from every angle!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Last Ray of Sun

Featuring Shunn Grady
Photography By Demetrius Markee

As the season begin to change, we grab on to those last moments of the sun and the warmth it brings. We latch onto the free feeling it give, the excite it brings and the memories it allowed us to create with it. You enjoy it's slowly ending days.

Only to be rewarded with the season all over again next year. So until next year when we meet this season again and we are able to bask in it's full glory, we make sure to enjoy this last ray of sun. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Days Of Summer

Featuring Donavon Ross
Photography By Demetrius Markee

There's nothing quite like those summer days. We wait all year long for them to arrive and once they are here we bask in all of its glory. The endless sunny days, pool side parties, grilling out and trips to the beach. I look forward to all those as well, but with the added bonus...doing great summer shoots. 

Great food, great dips in the pool and great models with sun kissed skin and adventurous attitudes are what I look forward to. Donavon Ross happens to one of those models. Great prescience, great attitude, great skin and overall amazing look and cool guy. Working with the Cynthia Bailey Agency he has had his share

of photo shoots and cat walks, so he jumped in front of the camera and knocked out shots in no time. Nothing better than doing a shoot with a great face and then relaxing pool side afterwords. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Suitable Male...Featuring Darius Amore

Featuring Darius Amore
Photography By Demetrius Markee

Fashion has always been apart of our culture. Fashion plays a role in our every day life and impacts us more than we know. Fashion is more than a blouse, pair of pants or shoes, fashion is the essence of who a person is. Being stylish or fashionable does not start in the store, but within one self.

Your style is conjured up by the things in which a person feels describes or displays who they are within. Whether that is a tank top, a pair of high heels, from the most expensive designer down to the very inexpensive. It's not the clothes that are fashionable, because we all could walk around with the same garment and have it be viewed entirely different from one person to the next. 

For fashion and style are those of which are "SUITABLE" for that person's personality. To the chic and fab, to the carefree and even somewhere in between, it is you who makes what you wear become fashionable. Don't let your clothes wear wear you clothes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing Robert Hatcher

Featuring Robert Hatcher
@ Chosen Model Management
Photography Demetrius Markee

These were actually shot quite some time ago, I just never released them. Robert was cool to work with and cool dude overall. We spoke about his agency, his fiance and nailed some great photos while doing so.

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