Friday, September 25, 2015


Featuring Patrick
 Photography by Demetrius Markee

Being in the presence of a strong man who is able to articulately voice his dreams and aspirations as well as his views on life can captivate and change the way one may view that man, but to be in the presence of a man strong enough to take action and set those dreams in motion to make them a reality can change the way in which one views men entirely!

It's no longer desirable to just be a pretty face in the crowd or to simply hear a man speak on what it is they seek in life. Today the fire inside just isn't lit by looks alone nor does the passion flow for someone who makes you believe they know what it is they want out of life. Desire stems from laying eyes on a man who stands firm in who he is, knows what he wants in life and who actually is achieving it. A real man captivates you from every angle!

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