Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Photography by Demetrius Markee
Launch Issue of EXTRA MAGAZINE
Articles/Interviews by Charelle Silverman
Layouts/Design Demetrius Markee, Charelle Silverman, Thomas Logan
Featuring Models, Clarence Jenkins, Kinsley Smith, Tonya Morgan

The first issue of "EXTRA MAGAZINE" was officially launched. The as of now web based, bi-monthly magazine focuses on fashion, style, and urban life and culture. The cover features male model Clarence Jenkins and also featuring the lovely and in your face Kinsley Smith as well as Tonya Morgan.   

What better way to capture the readers attention than with a Sexy Issue right out the box! Clarence Jenkins shows us just what sexy is and tells us why his sexy is unquestionable, while Kinsley Smith speaks on the difference between being sexy and looked at as a sexual object when it comes to fashion. Issue also features the beautiful and talented Tonya Morgan shows us what it means to be the baddest chick in the game. Thanks to everyone involved and who considered me and my work. I am very thankful.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Featuring Jamal Williams
Photography by Demetrius Markee

Jamal Williams...........................Need I say more? This is our third collaboration and in my opinion it is our best thus far! Plain and simple, black and white with a more personal feel that would give his fans a little more insight into who J-Will is and I think I pulled it off very well if I do say so myself! 

This shoot was solely intended to produce images that would accompany his new music which will be available for purchase on December 7, 2011 (shameless plug) so you guys go out and support and get the CD and also look out for more things coming your way from him as well as us together.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get Away

Featuring Shunn Grady
Photography by Demetrius Markee

Its always a fun to work with Shunn Markee, he takes direction so well and we have been friends for many years so our shoots are always a breeze. The idea was to have a get away from the stress of our families, jobs and everyday life and just enjoy a weekend hanging out and catching up on all we have missed and we ended up doing a shoot instead. The backdrops were so gorgeous and we hadn't shot together in so long that I couldn't resist a few simply styled beautiful images.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Am King David

Featuring David Mateus
Photography by Demetrius Markee

David Mateus is an amazing male beauty who served in the military and who has such a straight forward, fearless, grab life by the balls attitude that you would think he was a Warrior King! With his numerous tattoos it seemed almost as if he had marked himself for war.

His tattoos tell a story of a man who is ready for whatever life throws his way and yet his eyes posses what seems to be secrets that he will never allow the world to know.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been working on a series of photos entitled "See Me 4 Me" in which everyone I shoot will be stripped down from any type of clothing and only shot with only what they came into the world with...their skin! I decided to do this because we as people get so caught up in the hottest clothes, shoes and materialistic things and at times we lose sight of who we are thinking that we are only our clothes.

Being stripped down from any and everything and forced to look at only ourselves and who we are and loving what we see (flaws and all) is a beautiful thing. I will be displaying more in due time, but these are few that I really like and I feel grabs attention in a positive way, so I thought I would share them with you guys.

Photography by Demetrius Markee
Featuring Antonio Adams and Joshua Fekete

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pool Boys

Photography by Demetrius Markee
Featuring Shunn Markee & Antonio Adams

This shoot started off as a simple shoot that would merely have the pool as a backdrop and instead it turned into something much better by mistake. The shoot started off mid day with lots of sunshine and was intended to be bright and colorful, but instead it went from sunshine to cloudy skies and later it begin to rain heavenly.

I was determined to finish my shoot and so we waited until the rain stopped, got rid of the wardrobe I had chosen for that day, grabbed some towels and and turned a sunny shoot by the pool into a sexy pool boy relaxing on the job at night shoot worked in our favor! These are in my opinion the best photos from the shoot and they have gotten a lot of attention!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Featuring Jamal Williams
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I am normally in full control of my shoots, meaning I am the one who has final say so when it comes to deciding on the location, the wardrobe, the makeup, etc, but this time around I loosened up the reins! Jamal is an artist as well and like myself he is full of creativity and ideas, so he came to me with a treatment for his shoot already in mind.

He wanted something that would show him in a different light from our previous shoot, something more light and soft. The photos turned out great, but it was hell to shoot; not because he is hard to work with, but because we shot in a huge open field with no shade of any kind and all I could feel was the heat from the sun sizzling on my face...I could have cooked an egg on my forehead. The photos were a success.

Home On The Range

Featuring Kolten Miller
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I really enjoyed working with Kolten. His hair and skin was superb against the sunlight and he had the most warming spirit. We shot on his families property witch had horse stables and maybe fifty horses on the land and his family was more than accommodating with any and everything I needed to bring out the best in Kolten.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Music Artist Nevi J

Featuring Nevi J.
Photography by Demetrius Markee

Nevi came to me and said "I need your help" and I already knew what that meant; he needed some photos to show off his fresh new look that was going along with his new music. We made it happen.

The Greatest Romance

Featuring Clarence Jenkins
Photography by Demetrius Markee

You would think that someone with a chiseled physique and features so striking they have heads turning miles away would exude a cockiness that at times could be unappealing right? Well when Clarence Jenkins walked in with a smile and very shy demeanor it was quite refreshing! He didn't seem like someone who was getting ready to do a very sexually driven shoot, but to my surprise he knocked the ball out of the park!

Clarence was such a great model and was so comfortable with his body and so open to the shoot that we later did another set of photos that were not planned and were spur of the moment and to my surprise they were some of the best photos from our shoot. Make sure to check for them as well. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color Me Bad

Featuring Antonio Adams
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I decided to take a more edgier route this time around with model Antonio Adams. We have had many shoots together in the past, but the shoots were more sexually driven you could say, this time around I wanted the opposite. 

I wanted to do a shoot that was a little dark, but yet still appealing to the eye. I Love what we ended up with and the images in my opinion show a little more into who he is versus our previous shoots. Job well done.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Featuring Kelvin Briggs
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I've known kelvin for many years and up until now had never shot together, but we decided to finally change that. We discussed numerous ideas and came up with "Boys Will Be Boys" because of Kelvin's very playful and energetic personality and deciding to do it nude was just a given being he loves being nude!

We had a great time with all the props and laughed the entire shoot! Kelvin has a personality that can not be ignored and a sex appeal that isn't forced and those two together equals magic.

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