Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Demetrius Markee "The Makings Of Me"

I met Shunn Markee Grady back when we were both fourteen year old High School freshmen. We seemed to have every class together and quickly became friends. Over time we became very close and everyone quickly began to take notice that they wouldn't see one without the other. Shunn and myself have always supported one another in anything that either one decided to do and usually ended up doing a lot of things together; from playing sports, after school jobs and choosing colleges to attend etc, so once I got bit by the photography bug while taking a career center course for the arts in high school it was only fitting he became my ginny pig. I started off just shooting candid photos of my family and pets, but Shunn became the first person I ever shot.

Over the years our friendship has remained solid, but our dreams and goals have in some ways changed as so have we. My love for photography has driven me to pursue a career in photography, while Shunn has gotten married and started a family, so he no longer pursues modeling the way he once did. Although he is no longer modeling I never forgot the promise we made to one another as best friends to always have each other's back and that if one made it...we both made it! My work may not be on the covers of magazines but once they are he will never be forgotten or left out. I decided to take his middle name as well as my own and put them together to create the name I would use for my photography use, so that when my name goes down in history...his will as well.

Shunn jumped in front of my camera he was asked and listened to me rant and rave about my love for photography when no one else seemed to care. He backed me up and supported me in my love for photography and without him being my best friend and allowing me to use him as my muse I may not have stuck with it. He plays a huge part in helping me define myself as an artist and I can't seem to ever thank him enough...and that's how I became "Demetrius Markee" the photographer.

The Man In The Shadows....

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