Saturday, October 8, 2016

Alone Time

Featuring Demetrius Markee
Photography by Demetrius Markee

This year has truly been an interesting year for me. For those who follow me and my work, whether that being via this blog or my social media sites, I'm sure you have noticed that there has been little to no postings of my photography work and very few personal postings. One of the reasons for this hiatus is due to me setting out on a journey of becoming a better version of myself and it has required a lot out of me. Unfortunately as a result of this journey I'm on; my blog and social medias have somewhat suffered. I found myself not feeling as creative or inspired enough to produce art due to this thing called "Life" I have been trying to take full grasp of.

At one point I used to think that being alone was one of the worst things you could experience. I would often times think to myself that being alone was something that  no one should have to endure, that we all needed someone and people in our lives at all times to remain sane. I've constantly surrounded myself with people throughout my life, that being family, friends and those who I decided to be in romantic relationships with. I was surrounded by so many for so long that I wasn't able to grasp onto what being alone truly was. 

I believe the way I once viewed or thought of being alone is the same way in which most people view it, as something to be dreadful of. You see someone out having dinner alone or at a movie by themselves and you instantly assume that they are lonely. You instantly start to feel some sort of vague pity for that person as if they are alone by default. What I now know and understand is that being alone does not have to be something one must shun away from. Being alone can be a time in which we get the opportunity to reevaluate ourselves. Sometimes we as people need to take a moment to stand back and truly take in our lives, the people who we surround ourselves with and the things we have allowed to take place. Being alone is a time when you are able to take all aspects of life into consideration and reflect on the choices you've made. 

Whether it be family members, family situations, friendships or romantic relationships there comes a point where simply being alone to yourself away from all of that is needed. Being alone can be a time where you remind yourself of your greatness, of who the fuck you truly are at the core and what you will and will not stand for! Being alone can be the time needed to recenter yourself and introduce to the world the better version of you! This is my only post of 2016, because I spent this year getting back in touch with myself. My "Alone Time" was simply a reminder of where I have been, where I want to be and who I'd like to become...what does your alone time signify?


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