Thursday, May 4, 2017

Robert Hatcher

Featuring Robert Hatcher
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I shot these images of Robert Hatcher some time ago. At the time when we shot Robert was modeling with Chosen Model Management. In between shots he filled me in on some of the things that were taking place in his life. Engaged to his long time sweetheart Robert was looking forward to becoming a married man and had a list of things he was looking to accomplish after graduating college. 

Since then Robert has gone on to become a research assistant at Georgia State and an entrepreneur. It's always interesting to hear a little of what's taken place in people's lives while we're shooting, it kinda gives me a feel for who they are at the core. As appose to assuming or trying to make people into who I want them to be, I'd rather allow who they truly are to shine through. 

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