Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introducing Tyvon Odumodu

Featuring Tyvon Odumodu
Photography by Demetrius Markee

I always enjoy shooting new faces who are getting started in the modeling world. I love seeing people so eager to learn all they can learn about the industry as well as having a hunger to succeed and that's exactly what I saw in Tyvon when we met.

Tyvon is a smart guy who decided to place his eggs in multiple baskets rather than placing them all into one. He is trying his hand at modeling, but has been rapping and singing for some time now. I spoke with Tyvon a few times before we actually shot and we got to know one another a little better and he is a very intelligent guy with plans for himself.

Talented, down to earth and very laid back the shoot was a breeze.. Me not being a fan of long drawn out shoots we shot for maybe a little over an hour and that was all we needed, because he nailed it. I see great things ahead for him, so ladies get ready.You can check for his music and more about Tyvon Odumodu via his Facebook page or his agent's page as well Elliott Gambrell.

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